Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Pleasant Words for Frustrated People

This post is especially written for those people who are frustrated, disappointed and have pessimistic vision of life. I know what happens when disappointment hold upon a person. He/she feels darkness around him. He/she could not see the light behind this darkness. I have tried to emit some really pleasant words from my vocabulary in order to make you frustrated people realize the existence of uncountable reasons to smile and merriment.
The first thing is that time never stops, and the frustration or pain is to be gone after a few moments. You see that your today is not the same as the tomorrow. Your life changes every moment. This throbbing moment is to be a part of your past and you present may be wonderful to you. Taking the tension of your present loss or worry will not be a proper solution to your problem. You should not spoil your time worrying about
the time which has passed. Just wait for the next pleasant moment. Life is bed of roses for those who even learn to enjoy their sorrows and anxieties too. They are always happy and smart. No worry can blemish their pleasure and gratification of life.
Many of those who commit suicide due to high depression and anxiety would have been laughing with loud voice if they had waited for a while. They would have enjoyed the next moment if they had let that deadly moment passed with patience. And of course, all of us know that suicide takes just a few moments, and perhaps a single moment to take a lovely soul out of a beautiful body. And how hard is that single moment for the strong people like us.
The next thing is so many charms of the world which are waiting for our attention. If you are depressed, annoyed, or disturbed, that does not mean that you pay no attention to the things which need your notice. You are now looking upon the dark aspects of life; the reasons to cry, the reasons to be sad, the reasons to be gloomy. Just take your imagination a little away from all that dark images and I assure you that there are thousands of reasons to smile. There are many things which will fill you with life again if you divert your concentration to them.
Moreover, stress and depression are the situational terms and the situation has to be changed at every cost. So, I don’t think that a situation should affect our life, out attitude, our imagination or our personality. The only things which you must do are to be patient and wait for the term of next situation.
Anyhow, if you have to deal with not a situation but with a relation which you cannot quit easily, just try to fox on the bright sides of that relationship. I am sure you will not have been in that relationship without any source of attraction in that particular person. You may have missed you focus on that very thing which first time made you think of establishing that relation. You should try to build a mutual understanding on controversies between you. And again, I would say that your next day might be totally different from today.
For example, if the matter is of one relation, and you want to damage your life, how many relations are there who are associated with your life, for whom your life matters a lot, who may have more importance in your life than that relation. Have you ever thought of those who always seek your safety even at the cost of their own life care?
Whatever the reason you catch for your stress, tensions, sadness or even death, there are always more reasons for your satisfaction, pleasure, happiness and life. Not a situation should disturb your stable emotions. Just smile on that pitiable gloomy situation which has no importance in your eyes. Enjoy the vulnerability of that situation which could not damage a hair of yours. Then overlook it and fix your eyes on coming felicity behind it.

Boring yet? Just laugh loud on your stupidity…

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