Sunday, August 25, 2013

Save Battery Power of Your Laptop- Three Tips

You are working on your laptop on battery power and want you the battery of your laptop gives you more working time on it. Perhaps you are out of home, on a place where there is no power supply, or you have forgotten your power adaptor at your home. You have to work on your laptop for a long time and you fear thatthe battery will collapse before you finish.
Here are three tips for you for a long battery timing of your laptop.

  1. Turn all unnecessary battery consuming hardware off.

It is a way to save battery power by turning all your hardware off when you are not using it. For example if you are working offline; you are making an assignment on Microsoft Word, you are watching a movie, you are editing your videos or snaps, you are drawing a painting etc which do not require internet connectivity or you are on the place where there is no internet access. It’s better to turn WLAN card of your laptop off. Similarly, if you have connected speakers to your laptop through USB port for power supply, and any music or video is not running on your laptop, it’s better to disconnect the speakers. Just remove or switch off all hardware which is not in use. Remove connecter headset, USB etc. It will make the battery of your laptop running for more time.  

2.  Turn off all applications which are not being used.

There are some applications which are always running on your computer while you are not noticing it. For example, your Antivirus software is always in action whether you need it or not. If you are working on your laptop alone and you do not need to connect any third party flash drive to your laptop and you are not connected to the internet as well, you don’t need antivirus software then at that particular time. Just disable protection for the time you connect power supply to your laptop. Similarly, switch off Bluetooth; quit Skype, and so on. Make sure that the only application that is running on your computer is that on which you are working.
       3. Break down additional functions.

It is better to dim down the display of your laptop. I mean adjust screen brightness to a minimum level which does not make you feel inconvenient. Set you power settings to “Power Saver” power plan. Whenever you have to leave your laptop for a while, lock the screen. Close the lid when you go away for some time and do not want to shut down.

Hope now your battery will keep running for longer time.

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