Sunday, August 25, 2013

Facebook-A Book of Fake Faces

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It allows it members to share knowledge, ideas, creations, and feelings among themselves. This type of social networking is beneficial in many
ways. Anyhow the fuss of people on this website creates many issues among the users. There are hundred thousands of people who use this social network for positive purposes. They take pleasure in sharing their life events with their friends and families living away from them. They love to be there on
The number of those who create an account with false identity is not less than those who are really what they show on Facebook. There are many people who manipulate this social network just for their personal gains. Even some individuals or firms have made it a professional business to manipulate this social network. There are many applications which allow direct access to user’s privacy and personal information. There are hackers who manipulate the people bay hacking their accounts. There are people with false identity and fake name and fake gender. They make friends with their target individuals and try to manipulate them.
I remember receiving a message from Stella Thomas form Dakar, Senegal. She was a woman of 22 residing in refugee camp in Dakar, according to her. She had sent me friend request and I had accepted it before she sent me a message. I replied to her and she started her informal conversation with me. I searched about her and about refugee camp in Dakar. There was no refugee camp in Dakar. Later on a learnt from various friends that there is a group of professional guys who do this in order to take money from people.
I remember that one of my friends divorced his wife just because of Facebook; her account had been used by someone else and she even didn’t know it. And her husband once opened the same account and read all messages and bloody chat with other guys. That’s all.
Once, one of my friends had an account with the name of a girl. He sent friends requests to my other class fellows and majority of them accepted it. Then the game began. He made fool of them and manipulated them in many ways. He played with their emotions and enjoyed it. And in this fun, he had to lose all his sincere friends. This is not the end of my arguments.
There are many boys who have joined Facebook as females and are manipulation poor simple boys with real identities. Similarly there are girls who have created accounts as male members and are spoiling many of the real users. There are a huge number of such fake faces on this so-called social network. There is no such policy or strategy to verify the users’ gender and age etc.
You have to be careful yourself. Be careful while accepting a friends request from any unknown or suspicious person. Check his/her profile carefully before you accept that request. Make sure that you know that person to some extent earlier or you know some of his/her friends. Do not chat with some unknown person especially with opposite gender. I am sure you can do fun with your known friends and you do not need to invite dangers to you.

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