Friday, September 13, 2013

Premarital traits that Foreshadow Success or Failure in Marriage

Pre-marriage characteristics of an individual influence the post-marriage life in negative or positive way.  The traits that make or mar happiness in marriage exists in some degree in individuals before marriage. Where “in-laws” and family finances are sources of friction, they will be more disastrous with some types of personalities than with others; and personalities are in large measures already formed by the time
marriage is contracted.

Outstanding among the results of several investigations is the conclusion that a happy childhood in a home of happily married parents is conducive to a successful marriage. Many researchers have proved this notion through research. Burgess and Cottrell have reported that happiness in marriage is more likely to be found by men and women who are well socialized as young people; who attend and participate in social gatherings; and who have many friends. Attachment to the parents is also found to be a good sign.

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