Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why you should Pay Attention to your Relations

Relations are strength of our soul and body. If precious relations are broken up for the reasons which lack deep logic, the charm of the world would die down. That’s why our relations need out great attention in order to fully enjoy them.
It might be better if the title of this post would be other than what I have chosen. Anyhow, this title also serves my purpose. Let’s talk about our life and the place of relations
in it.

We all live in a socially organized world of humans. We have various roles which our relations demand from us. We have to play a role of a son, a brother, a lover, a neighbor, a cousin, a father, a sister, a wife and many others like this like the role of a friend, a colleague, a boss or a subordinate etc. We all play these roles according to the expectations attached to these roles. We are dealing with one or another relation at every moment. Some of these relations require greater roles, deeper attachment, extensive care and more time than other relations.
When these relations joined up, they shape our world; they warm our feelings, they instill us with emotions, they provide us an inspiration, they fill us with life and purpose. We struggle hard, we plan, we sacrifice, we move to other places and all this happens for the existence and demands of the relations. Suppose, you have no one whom you could care and share your feeling with, what would be the nature of your daily life? Here are some logics which encourage us to pay sincere attention to our relations:

Your relations are you strength

Wider acquaintance and more social capital is directly associated with your life chances, as the students of social sciences know it well. The more human references you have, the more chances are that you will get your work done easily, quickly and at low cost. And the more are the chances that you can do easily, quickly and at low cost, the more are the chances of your success and repute in life. And success and repute are the goal of life for almost every one of us. So, keep in touch with your references and relations whether they are family relations and other ordinary intimacies.

Your relations are your inspiration

Relations are a source of movement in a human. They expect us many things from us. For example our families expect economic support from us when we grow mature. They expect us to participate in decision making, they expect us to pay attentions to their needs and fulfill their expectations from us. All this make us move towards better economic status. Our blood relations demand us that we give time, care and concern to them.
We are filled with new life when someone dear consoles us say, “Don’t worry, all will be fine. I am with you in every type of circumstances. Be brave. It’s just too little happening to be worried about so much. Come on, let’ go out for picnic.”

Your relations are your assets

The relations are a great power of us. They are our assets we can utilize for our vertical mobility. For example, in Pakistan, especially in rural areas, there still exists a system of interest free loan, just on the grounds of good relationship. The people cooperate with one another, they sacrifice for one another, and they recognize others for their services to them. So, these relations provide economic, social, and psychological support in our bad times and in our acute needs.

In general

Make a lot of friends, but be true to everyone. Give many reasons to your foes to become your friends but never give a single chance to your friends to become your foes. Life is tasteless without friends and family. Never let your ego enter into your relationship. It eats up your relation as the fire eats dry wood. Learn to tolerate the people with patience. Your silence for one critical moment may save your relation from being spoiled. Just learn the fact that people are not difficult, they are different. The things are made to be used and people are born to be loved, the problem arises when people tends to love the things and use the people.

Wish you success in your social life…………

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