Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Only One Simplest and Guaranteed Way to Get a lot of Traffic to your Blog/Website

Promoting your blog or website through various tools, techniques and with the help of social media and other plug-ins is an effective way to get your website ranked higher in search engines. Everyone wants to get more and more traffic to his/her website or blog. The experts can optimize their posts and websites easily but for the beginners, it is a tiresome job to promote their website and get optimized quickly and to get more traffic
and audience.

You may have searched many times on the internet about how to get more traffic to your website and of course you might have found many nice tips on it. But  you may feel boring to do a lot of things i.e. signing up on various websites, installing too many plug-ins and widgets, planning what to do first and how to do, and sharing your posts again and again on various social networks.

Now you would like to have all at one place. Right?

The one and only way that  do all this for you is to have an account on “Intense Debate” . This account will do everything for you and you will see the results in days. Here are some salient features that “Intense Debate” provide to you.

  1. ·1. Although CommentLuv is a paid plug-in if you get it through official website of “ CommentLuv” but “site” is the only site known to me that offers CommentLuv plugin for free. CommentLuv offers you a finicky comment System for your Goolge blog. This comment system will inspire and engage your visitors in discussions on the topics you write on.

To learn how to get CommentLuv for you Google blog, see my this post here

  1. ·2. It offers ANY SHARE button at the end of your every post, so that your visitors can share the posts they like on their desired social media. It is really an effective way to promote your posts through your visitors. 

  1. For more details about how to get this plug-in please see my this post here
    3. It offers more plug-ins i.e. YouTube Embed, Poll Daddy. Embed, Smiley Insertion option in comments etc which you may want to install on your website

Just go to IntenseDebate right now and sign up for free and get start.

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