Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Enable or Add CommentLuv on Blogger Blogspot for Free

It is an effective technique to get more traffic to your website by engaging the visitors in comments and discussion by an impressive comment system. CommentLuv is what that I am talking gives the commenter an option to get a linkback to his/her website. So it encourages the visitors to get involved in commenting on your blog. It gives the commenter an option to choose from
a variety of texts and signs, smilies and many more.

So let’s start how to add CommentLuv on your Google blog

To insert CommentLuv  into your Google blog:

Step#1: First of all go to  and sign up for free and quickly

Step#2: After completing your registration, login to your account. Now go to this page and insert your blog's home URL and press the button which says next step as shown in the picture below:


 Step#3: Now go to your Blogger account and click on the drop down arrow just right to the blog title. A list of options will appear and click on "Template"
You will be taken to the dashboard of your blog.

Now just up right side of your blog dashboard you will see the "Backup/ Restore" button just click on it. In the next window click on  "Download Full Template" as shown in the picture below:

Step#3: Now save this XML File in your computer and go back to your account at "Intense Debate" an upload that saved XML File (Your Blog Template) and press "upload and continue" as shown in the picture below:

Step#4: Now a new window will appear with an XML code in a box. Copy that code and go back to your blogger>template> edit html as shown in the picture below:

Now replace all HTML code which is shown in the next window with the code that you had copied from "intense debate" and press "Save Template" above the XML window

Step#5:Now go back to "intense debate" and configure your Intense Debate account. As shown in the picture below:

 Step#5: Now it's all done. Just go to Plugins present in the left side of the navigation at and ad the plugins you like i.e. you may like to ad CommentLuv, AnyShare, Facebook Share, Similies for comments etc.

Press "Activate" Button against every plug-in you want to install on your website

That's All................!

Note: The CommentLuv comment system will appear under every new post you compose after installation. Anyhow there is option to install CommentLuv on existing posts. But your existing comments will be deleted if you choose this option.

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