Sunday, September 22, 2013

What does the Beauty Parlor Do to the Appearance of the Women

The beauty parlors play a great role in adding to the beauty of the women. These beauty places have healthy effect on beauty of a woman. There are many other sources of getting more attractive and beautiful. The attraction the women get from beauty parlors changes them so much that their own flesh and blood cannot recognize them easily.

It is almost one month ago, I came across a lady in a marriage party. She was looking gorgeous in her blue Sarhi. Her glowing complexion and fantastic hair style has casted a spell on everyone in the ceremony. There were other ladies too with very attractive figures and eye-catching beauty, but the special thing about her was her adornment and glowing complexion. She posed pretty features and was
serving as the soul of the party. I asked her name from one of my friends who knew her and he favored me by telling much more about her.

Some days later, as I think it was one week after that marriage ceremony, I happened to visit that very lady in her house with one of my best friends. As I saw her, I unconsciously asked my friend that who she was and her answer was shocking to me. I could not believe for a long time that she was the same lady as I had seen in marriage ceremony and had praised her beauty too much. She was more than dark and her attractiveness has fallen somewhere. The beauty parlor had done its labor on her face and appearance and changed her completely. The Hoor and Noor of the ceremony was actually a product of beauty salon.
I can remember a note written outside of a beauty salon, “Do not stare at any lady coming out of beauty salon. She might be your mom.” And another note outside of a beauty parlor, “We give a new shape to your beauty, and your beauty would give a new shape to your relation.” Even some beauticians are so much expert in changing the overt personality that they proudly say, “We are not beauticians, we are beauty makers”.

A mom, after giving her face a new, fresh, glowing color, goes to her home and opens the door, her children watch her with inquiring eyes. And often they ask, “ Yes please, whom you want to see?” then she, full of joy even then, believing that she would have been looking 15 years younger than her real age, replies. “Oh dear son, you are too naughty. I am your mom of course”. And the son looks at her from toe to head, tries to compare her with her mom he had seen leaving the house three hours ago, get confused and say, “what! Show me your identity card first”. And the mother, even getting more excited at this, believing that she might have been looking too changed and young that it is difficult for his son to recognize her, says, “Oh dear, just call your father”. The father comes, looks at his wife, then looks at his son with curiousness and says, “What’s the matter?”. Then he returns to his wife and says, “ What’s the matter sister? And I am sorry I did not recognize you.”

Even at parties, the children are confused for not finding their mothers. A child looks around at every face and cannot find out her mother in the party but he is sure that he had come to the party with her own mother. Then he asks from a lady, “Aunty, have you seen my mother here or there?”. Then that cute aunty smiles, bends down over the child, kisses child’s forehead and says, “My sweet darling, I am your mother of course. Oh, see you have spoiled your dress. I have forbidden you many time to eat ice-cream”.

A boy friend, waiting for her girl friend in a park, sees a beautiful girl coming towards him. He is curious, he gets confused. The girls reaches to him, smiles, and says, “Hi, how are you? You are looking handsome in this T-shirt.” And she gets close to him. The sweat pops out on boys face and he tries to get himself away from her in immediate nervousness produced by her (girl’s) boldness. The boy is afraid of the consequences if his beloved reaches there at the same time and objects on the presence of that girl there in the park with him. He pulls himself back and says, “See sister, I am waiting for my beloved here and you had better get your way before she arrives and the excitement and thrill of our meeting is blemished before it starts.”

The beauty parlors are  not only beauty improver, they are beauty creators, beauty polishers and beauty butters. How ugly a woman may be, beauty salon will make her a “Chaudhven ka Chand” a fairy. The spitefulness and viciousness runs away as it finds that the woman is going to beauty parlor and as it hears the sound of beauticians. The face of an ugly woman starts to get better when she leaves the house for beauty parlor. And it’s totally of a new woman as she leaves the parlor for home.

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