Monday, September 2, 2013

Modernity, Social Change and Social Disorganization

Social change is an inevitable process. Social change involves cultural change-both in material and non-material culture- and it effects organization of a society in positive or negative way. Modern inventions like computer, mobile phones, cars, air traffic, and satellite T.V etc has a great impact on our organized life. So, the study of the impact of social change on social organization is an interesting topic for social researchers and social thinkers.
A well-organized society is one where its different parts are in harmonious adjustment. When this adjustment is altered, the balance of various parts is disturbed. This imbalance represents a lack of proper co-ordination among various parts of society
and when this imbalance is great, the result is social disorganization. So, all of us know well that huge inventions have brought up change in material culture of the world, it has provided us with more knowledge and nicer attitudes, it has raised the standard of living. All this has brought about social disorganization. When many a man was thrown out of their jobs because fast machines could do more work in less time and money, when people have access to the world within their homes; they can entertain themselves and get knowledge about the world through computer and internet, it is possible that our lives could have terrible influence of these changes.

Role of Cultural Conflict

Cultural conflict causes social disorganization to a greater extent. It is so because the any newly introduced cultural trait causing an unequal rates of change in correlated portions of culture may bring social disorganization. The innovations may be either material or non-material cultures. War, a social invention, can cause as great social disorganization as could do technological changes. The large number of important inventions coming on the heels of one another at the present time and precipitating vast social changes makes technology a special cause of social disorganization.

 The Impact of Changing Natural Environment

It is important to note that there are other causes of social disorganization than the impact of one cultural change. One such cause is the force of a changing natural environment on man and culture. Disease, for instance may work havoc with the functioning of whole groups and communities. Similarly, the floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities may cause serious destruction of many cities and countries. Anti-environment activities of man are generating more threat to environment and this situation further leads to more natural disasters. Modern inventions and technology cost our natural environment and natural beauty. Natural environment is an important element of our culture and physical life, the disharmony between modern inventions and natural environment is leading towards social disorganization.

Maladaptation of Inherited Nature to Culture

Another cause of social disorganization is the lack of adaptation of man’s inherited nature to the environment of group and culture. Man’s inherited nature changes slowly while the culture changes rapidly. Group life implies cooperation and respect for the life of others, yet the aggressive, acquisitive tendencies of man, so necessary for survival, are not readily accommodated to the restrictions imposed by the group. So, man may steal or commit murder, and a strong bully may create considerable social disorganization. Again the culture of a group may make demands on original nature which it finds very difficult to meet. Such may be the situations when long hours of labor are required at monotonous repetitive tasks. As a result industrial production may have periods of disorganization

Social disorganization has been a product of social change; the change in life style due to new inventions; the change in human attitude due to improved life style; the change in natural environment due to human or natural activities.

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