Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Submit Sitemap for you Blog to Google Search Engine-uploading XML file to the root directory of your blog

If you are verified owner of Google blog and want to submit a site map of your Google blog to Google search engine, this post will really help you. Submitting a sitemap of your website is an important tool of Search Engine Optimization. But many users do not know how to upload XML file to the root directory of blog’s domain. Here is the procedure to do this:

  • First of all create a sitemap of your site in .xml format on for free. Follow their instructions and download generated sitemap.xml file which is your sitemap ready to be submitted to Google.

  • Now go to your blogger dashboard and create new page in your blog. As shown in the picture below.

  • Give your page the title of “sitemap.xml”

  • Now click on “HTML” as shown in picture.

  • Now go to the file “sitemap.xml” in your computer where you have downloaded it.

  • Right click on this file and select “edit”

  • This file will open in Notepad of your PC.

  • Copy all the content in it. Simply click in the text and press “CTRL+A” then press “CTRL+C”

Now the contents of the file have been copied
  • Paste these copied text into your page which you are creating on your blog, as shown in above pictures and click “publish”

Your sitemap has been uploaded to the domain directory of your blog.
  • Now go to Google webmaster tools and follow the instructions as given in the picture below

 Now you will see that your "home url" is already written, just add "sitemap.xml" in the box and hit "submit sitemap, as shown in the picture below.

Your sitemap will be submitted to Google in two or three seconds.
Did it work? if Yes, please give your feed back through commetns.

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