Sunday, August 25, 2013

Set a Slide of Desktop Backgrounds to your Computer-Windows 7

You want your desktop background to change automatically after sometime. It is pleasant to have desktop background changing after a short time. It imparts a good impression on you working and eyesight as well. Ever-changing desktop wallpaper gives you more focus for your work and it decreases the pressure on your eyesight. You will feel the difference yourself if you set a slide set to desktop backgrounds to your computer. You can spend more time on that computer working more efficiently; not getting bore so soon, not being irritated of
fussing with the work,  not getting tired soon.
So, here is how you can set a slide of your desired wallpapers to your computer. Moreover, it is single click process to change your wallpaper at anytime, right from your desktop screen.
First of all make folder of your favorite wallpapers; you can add your favorite landscapes, abstract themes, snaps of your college party, shots of your tour to your favorite place or whatever you like the most. Keep this folder at a location you feel better for.
Now get back to your desktop screen. Right click on empty screen and choose “personalize”, at the end.
Now, click on “desktop background” as shown in the picture:

Then proceed and choose your folder by clicking on “browse” button as shown in the picture: 

Brows for the folder and select it and click “Ok”
You are done.
Whenever you want to change your desktop manually, just right click on desktop screen and choose “next desktop background”. That’s all.

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