Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Cultural Patterns Control our Personality

When we born we lack humanness. Then as we grow and spend some time living in our society, we learn our social heritage and acquire some desired human qualities. We keep on learning our culture and social rules till our death. The life becomes a course of our learning. So, it is for sure that we are a product of our cultural environment to an extent. It is not yet clear to what degree our social and physical environment influences our personality. There has been a lot of
discussion on how much ad in what way our cultural elements influence upon individual personality.

It is, anyhow, clear that we learn our life from our interaction with other human being. We learn many personality traits from our group life and a group is based on some shared values, interests, interaction patterns and rights and obligations which are part of culture. So, it can be said that group life is a cultural life and an individual develops its personality traits in group life. So, group culture casts its impact on individual personality. As the cultures are different, the personalities which they produce are also different in nature.

For example, in rural areas of Pakistan, the people are honest, simple, hospitable, and they pay more consideration to non-material culture rather than materialistic things. Farming culture has developed a high degree of hospitality. As the people have big spacious houses, they always welcome their guests with open heart. But these people may not pay attention to time and money. They may not be punctual like urban people. They may not follow formal mechanisms for team work. They are sensitive, customary, group oriented people. They pose non-political attitude, they have less competitive attitude, they are less clean and tidy, and they prefer nature over artificial things.

 The women in rural areas tend to be more obedience before their men. They learn it from their culture. They learn to live according to their husbands’ will. They are submissive before their guardians. Similarly their guardians enjoy their command over them. The women cannot do outdoor chores except those who are considered made for it; those who belong to working class. 

Urban people have different cultural elements from those of rural people. They are punctual, they have positive attitude towards formal education, they believe in gender equality more than rural people do, they believe in individualism to an extent. These people have different personality than rural people. They pay more attention to physical appearance. They have their own eating and sleeping habits and patterns. An individual learns and develops the same social qualities as are the part of its daily life and group culture.

Religion is also part of our culture. Religious beliefs and doctrines influence our personality. So it is right to say that culture shapes our personality. When a child is born in a Hindu culture, and he/she is promptly assigned to a Muslim family to bring her/him up. The child will grow a Muslim. He will follow all the tradition and customs of Muslim culture. And when his/her personality will have grown ripe to an extent, it will hard to bring her/him back to Hinduism.

The boys of Pathan culture are very brave and men of words. They take risks, they are fearless, they are hardworking etc. Their women are shy and loyal to their males.

This is how the difference cultures produce different personalities in terms of temperaments, sociability, physical features, and psychological aspects. Although not hundred percent, the cultural variations are base of personality variations to a considerable extent.

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