Sunday, August 25, 2013

Loving the Hateable People

Love and hatred are two opposite phenomena. It is said that where there is love there must not be hatred. If it is true, for instance, then it is really unjust to ignore the relationship that exists between these two types of sentiments; love and hatred. Love is actually the known due to hatred and vice
versa. The continuation of love and positive emotions make us feel the existence of hatred and negative
feelings. Both of these negative and positive sensations are closely linked with each other. The prevalence of one gives room to other’s entry. The hard hold of one invites the other to attack it. So, it is goes without saying that love and hatred are always moving arms in arms among the world of emotions and sensation.

How ridiculous the heading of this post may seem, I would never mind your comments if they are really relevant to what I mean to say. Let’s talk about the people who love and who hate other people. To give love and care to others is always regarded a nice and desirable attitude.

Along with all prevailing stereotypes, one important one is that love is for loveable people. Love is made for giving it out to those who really deserve it. Actually every human being does not deserve love, as many of them always came across hatred. For example, you may not love the man who had cheated you in your last dealing with him. Similarly you may not like to talk to a person who always tells a lie.  You may not like to see the people with particular appearances. But you will surely love your darling class mats, your siblings, some of your friends. You will like to have the company of those who have always added to your confidence in them, who have always shown practical concern with your life. In short, you choose whom to love and whom to hate.

Have you ever loved the people whom you regard hateable? It must be a funny question for you. Then whatever its answer might be, you have not done justice to the people. The thing is that you start loving someone very close to you and about whom you think would suit best to you as your life partner. You fell in love, in a deep love indeed, and you cannot help loving her/him. Your emotions take hold of your mind and you cannot realize what alarm you mind gives you and for what. You drive yourself madly behind that particular person and you never listen to your mind; you just listen to your heart. In a nutshell, you got insane in your love.

Now think about if that person turns to be hateable. There are several things you may not at all like in that person. She/He may pose some characteristics, some bad qualities, or some psychological features you have never liked. You hate such things and never want to see these in your life partner. But what to if you cannot do without her/him? She/He is your life, your sweetheart, and everything of yours. Now your world is not perfect. You have to love her/him despite the hateable features she/he poses. You will greatly suffer due to those hateable things, but you will have to love her/him. You cannot reason with that silly boy/girl. You cannot, and you do not want to annoy her/him

Her/His being your love causes a lot of stress and tension for you. You hardly spend a day or so on speaking terms with her/him. You have to remain tensed. So it is another factor which inspires your hatred to come forward. You may hate such life full of tensions and worries. You will not hate her/him yet if your love is true. You will love that very hateable person. Actually you will have to do it. What else could you do in that case? Just keep up with your love, give her/him more love and show more concern. Love that hateable person more rigorously. Enjoy your loving that hateable person. 

And at the end I would apologize for such a frank and, perhaps rude attitude. I am sure, if your love is really true, you will not ever think of considering your love hateable just for some personality differences. If you think so, you are really nice person who believes in love so firmly that the idea of hatred gets crushed under the pressure of positive emotions and love. The others may take this article for human nature and considerations. They may start distributing their love among all those who are considered hateable generally. Wish you best of luck………..

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