Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Download Free Softwares with Complete Set up- top 5 Favorite Websites of Millions of Users

There are many websites that provide free softwares download facility to their users. But few of them provide complete set up that can be saved for back up. Here are five websites that are favorite websites of millions of user for downloading softwares and applications for free.


File Hippo is the best website for me. I love it. But my personal liking is not the reason that I placed it at the top. I learnt about this websites from many of my friends and I just visited it. It provides us free complete set up with latest updated version. No sign in required, no binary file, no installer only, just complete set up for free.

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This website in not as simple as as it have more ads and download options like mirror selection and details panel etc. anyhow this website provides you complete and free of cost set up. No sign in or membership required.

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This website provides the visitor with a variety of free application download with complete set up for free. It also has a lot of ads which may manipulate an inexperienced user. Be careful and look before you click on anything. This is the very advertisements on such website which allow you download application setups for free. So never mind these ads.

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This website is the same as others narrated above. Choose your category from side bar and select your application with latest version. That’s all.
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5. is also an exciting and simple website which provides you with complete set up of your desired software. You can choose from a variety of free applications and download them without any irritation.

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I have listed these websites on the basis of most convenient and simple features they have. These website, unlike many other websites which do not offer free download or they offer just installer exe or just a link to install directly from the internet, provide free access to complete set up of free applications.

I hope you will enjoy visiting these loveable websites.

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