Friday, July 12, 2013

Shutdown Your Computer Automatically After a set Time Duration

Want your windows to shut down at the set time? Want a timer for shutdown?
The method works on both windows XP and windows 7
Perhaps you would like to be away from your PC while some programs are still working on it. And you may get late and you want that your windows should shut down after a specific time. You may allow your kids or friends to work on your PC till a fixed time. You may be going to sleep and your kids or friends may not know how to shut down the system after watching movie.
Here is an easy
and quick solution to your problem.
Press Windows +R key on your computer.
A window will open asking you to enter the name of the program you want to run. In bow aginst “open” like that in picture below:

Enter "shutdown.exe -s -t 30" as whown in the picture below and hit Enter

 "30" is the number of seconds after which windows will automatically shutdown. You can write the number of seconds as per your need. For Example, you want your windows to shut down after an hour, you may type "shutdown.exe -s -t 3600"
there is single space between "shutdown.exe" and "-s" and "-t" and "30"
As soon as you press enter, the time will start counting back.
And suppose you press enter and after that you want to cancel the shutdown schedule?
It is again quit simple and easy.
A gain press "Windows Key +R" and now enter the following text and hit Enter
shutdown.exe -a
 Your shutdown schedule will be cancelled.
How is it? :) 

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