Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Tips for a Happy Life

Humans are distinguished from other social animals just for one quality that they can communicate in words; they have a language; they use various symbols in their communication. It is communication, whether oral or written, which is responsible for our flow of life.  When we talk about psychological aspects of humans, we find it the most complicated task to comprehend their emotions and sentiments. Human state of emotions changes every moment.  A highly frustrated individual may be laughing in the next
moment. The only thing which can hoard us from various hazardous actions which might be the result of high aggravation and anxiety is to wait for the next moment. When you want to kill yourself, whatever the reason might be behind this emotional state of yours, and you cannot do this for some inevitable reasons, you will be unperturbed and calm after sometime. This is how the life is said to be unpredictable.
Never mind what you crop from your life. Just keep trying for the best and wait for a better time of yours. The life must show you its value for your good time. Think about the ratio of those who commit suicide for the reasons not sufficing these actions of theirs. If they are impeded in taking such an extreme action at the very moment, they would have been thinking something other than suicide.  So, being patient for a moment may save a life from being frittered away and many lives associated with him/her being destroyed. So, all we need is to follow these simple but effective principle in order to avert many painful situations. It will surly bring a pleasant change in your attitude and thus in your life.

Here are Three Tips for a Happy Life..................................................................

  1. Develop Your Interests
    It is a healthy practice to devote a considerable portion of your thoughts to your coming life. Set your future targets; plan your tomorrow; locate yourself in coming few years and imagine your status and reputation; follow your ambition and objectives. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the ultimate of your consumption should be to serve something to your ambition and interests. It is said that aimless life is like an abandoned path about which no one knows where it leads to. Identify yourself; explore your strengths and plan the utilization of your energies accordingly; make the best use of your skills and capabilities; focus on your aptitude and flair and try to get most out of it.
    It has been frequently noted that the people who suffer various psychological disorders are those who spend their most of time in thinking about negativity in their life. They further add to their stress by taking the tension of their psychological health. Stress is caused by our imagination and unconstructive approach towards the things and phenomena we face in our daily life. We become too much emotional on a trifling issue start thinking in it from a negative angle. This thinking is much more frustrating than the real problem and effects. In this condition, involve yourself in some activity which is highly supportive to your interests and hobbies. You will feel better after sometime and your mind will be in working condition. You will then better plan a solution to your problem.
    Say, you are much interested in internet usage, or watching movies, or playing cricket, or driving your bike, consume  your that time in doing the things which attract your full focus; watch your favorite movie; play cricket; drive your bike or whatever you like. But what if you don’t have any interests of such kind? Go and develop your interests of course. It is essential things which sooth you in discomfort.

2. Manage Your Time

It is better to manage your time according to your priorities and interests. You may like to visit your old friends and teachers on prior basis in your free time. You may find yourself fresh and gay in the company of your cousins. But don’t ever be alone in this state. There must be something to catch your attention with full focus. Give your time to every interest of yours with full concentration. If you are too much indulged in such activity that you forget about your cell phone where you had placed it, you have done just to yourself. I am sure you would have enjoyed your time in full sense.
Try to fully concentrate in your activity whatever it is. All the worries comes from being either alone or idle. Always keep yourself busy in some activity whether it is a recreational trip, a game with your friends, an assignment from your office, a home business, or so on. The only way to make yourself deeply absorbed in activity is to take interest in your work; feel proud of your creation, think that you are going to create a report that should be highly appreciated by your colleagues and boss, think you are playing a term which would be remarkable in your career, think that you are talking to your friends the way which is highly liked in your friends’ circle. This is how you spend your time in a nice way.
3. Take Care of Your Physical Health
Along with all tips and solutions of your psychological issues, the most important is to have a healthy and functional body. In order to maintain a healthy body and physical fitness, pay attention to your diet and eating habits. Never allow yourself eat the things you are not willing to eat. Healthful diet will not only keep you physically fit but it will also affect your rational performance. You need to take exercise if you do not ever indulge in overexert activities as routine work.

Do not be careless in eating; eat hearty meals but so not stuff your belly with a variety of food items of different tastes and chemical properties. If your stomach is poorly performing, you are not supposed to perform any productive action with concentrations and ease. Physical health is pledge of your mental well being. If you have regular timely food needs and sound and unbroken sleep for at least eight hours, nothing is wrong with your physical health. Try to go to bed early and try to wake up early. Never compromise on your meals and sleep. You will feel the difference……..

Best of Luck….

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