Friday, July 12, 2013

Dealing With Modern Children

I was taken aback at the reaction of the little boy, when I made the mistake of asking his name. Actually, I was too impressed by his beauty and could not resist myself asking the question and knowing a little more about him other than that he was just a student going to school all done up. He looked at me from head to toe as if I had
fallen from Mars, and was about to forcefully include him in an alien experiment. He, instead of giving an answer to my question, unexpectedly replied with another question, which in turn confused me and I, instead of giving him an answer, preferred to remain quiet. “What will you do with just my name?”, and I could not find out the actual purpose of my curiosity about him.

The aim of relating that story is to notify about the widespread misperception that children are children, and likewise, they are straight forward, innocent angels. The reality is far behind this illusion. Today’s children are no more children, as they live in a modern society, having fast means of communication, and a flood of recent scientific knowledge and inventions. The mass media and a friendly and lenient family environment have given them a new approach and new identity as well. So, in order to deal with modern kids, we must observe the greatness and significance of their social status.

While dealing with children, we must be mindful of the mettle and courage of modern kids. They are bolder and more competent than they were in the past. Gone are the days when mothers used to tell them fairy tales in order to make them sleep. Nowadays these types of folk tales are no longer frightful or influential for the kids. Today’s child, after hearing these stories may say, “Would that the giant were here, and I would have made friends with him, and how much fun it would be!”. Or he might have expressed his reaction as “What a boring tale this is mom! You have reached the age where you must give up the idea that there is any giant present here”. Instead of getting afraid of ghosts, children today would like to hunt them for recreation. They are very consistent, confident and daring and even teach their elders how to face the hardships and challenges of life. They accept a responsibility which grown ups may reject due to their inability to perform duly with pleasure.

A kid when he is asked the reason for not having done a task assigned to him may start to explain its philosophical as well as scientific reasons and prove that he was asked an unreasonable task. They reason with elders in such a manner that elders find safety in giving in and admitting their children’s intellect and knowledge. I suggest a lawyer who is afraid of losing a case in court to visit a child and gain confidence from him. But as it is a part of the law business, they believe it better not to reveal this secret to a common man otherwise people will consult children instead of lawyers and who knows, one day we might get rid of these lawyers.

In case that they are considered incapable of doing something as they are physically or mentally weak, they are not ready to accept defeat, and always try to prove their abilities by different activities and quotations full of wisdom and deep sense. Some of these quotations and scenes, they claim, are so important for the aged persons that these must be written in their personal diaries. They advise elders and try to purify their character by giving different arguments.
The modern young generation has its own philosophy of life and a scale of measuring the nobleness and greatness of character. If a junior is told to seek guidance of his seniors, his answer may be negative, such as “Oh my dear senior! Do you know the real definition of junior and senior?”, and then he will add reality to our knowledge. “Actually senior is one who has more knowledge about a specific trait or who can do that assignment more adequately, not the one who has a longer experience of doing a job and may also have been doing it defectively. Now we have the latest and efficient methods of training to do it much more reliably and correctly. In this sense, you are a junior, not a senior!”. What would an older person do in this case? “Elders must respect us if they get respect from us”, the younger generation says. This shows that they have a firm belief in the equality of human beings and they sometimes advise parents and elders not to worry about them and let them be themselves.

In order to avert irreparable loss or insoluble problems, they try to convert the social values like, “Ladies First” into “Children First”. They often claim they are given less attention and are mostly neglected for being small, but if they are given full attention and their abilities and capabilities are recognized and developed, they might bring about a revolution in the world.

The need of the hour is to pay considerable attention to today’s kids; affective and active participants of social development. Elders must try to understand the deep sense and meaning behind their philosophical quotations and reform their character. We, elders think them children, but they have not relished the real taste of childhood. Their political approach has greatly been influenced by the political disorder in the country. They openly preach that the old methodology of governing the masses has been a drug on the market: it lacks pre-planning and sufficient interference between culture, comma, religion and present needs of an individual. They do not agree with the policy of age limit for being part of the constituent assembly as they think that the elders often remain out of sense due to their weak senses, and it is the best for underage people to be given a chance for participation in elections & government.

They bravely criticize the immaturity of the leaders and try to make them realize their defective and fruitless struggles. “Our rulers know nothing about the art of leading and controlling such a nation. If I had been prime minister, I would have made this country a model and the others would have seen the glory of the nation and felt jealous”, said a boy of nine when he was asked what he could do for his homeland. “And what special thing would you do to achieve this?”, he was asked again. His reply was really unbelievable, “I would have given children their true rights and would have made a special defensive policy against child labor”. If you want to teach a child about politics and something like this, you must get command over the subject, otherwise you would have to get a lecture instead of delivering it.

The kids of this age greatly emphasize effective and applicable educational policies if the economy of the country is to be developed. They are strictly against the existing educational policies excluding the ‘Maar nahi Pyaar’ policy which they think is a golden principle to develop learning habits among the students. They suggest that the school must be a place where there is love, affection, appreciation, kindness and smiles everywhere. “These (existing institutions) are not schools, the teachers even do not know the meaning of the word school. They speak so loudly that the students sleeping are disturbed and begin to develop a feeling of hatred for the teacher, and the learning process is affected. The teachers must be careful about the emotions and feelings of the ‘innocent’ children.

Our spawns have perhaps surpassed us in the field of health too. They are hardly pleased about the poor health conditions prevailing in the country, and try to throw light on the neat and good looking appearance to build up better social relations with others. Those were other days when children were too careless about their health and forgot to take baths or change their clothes for many days. They were afraid of water at one time; they were not willing to change their dress unless it was too dirty for its color to be judged. Nowadays, they are not going to spend even a full day without taking a bath or changing their clothes. They even criticize the way doctors treat the patients.

Summing up, we can conclude that dealing with today’s children is not child’s play. Here are some suggestions which one must follow for a nice and reasonable interpretation among their affairs;

1. You have to behave like a mad person in order to make the child believe that you are unable to comprehend what he says, and in this way you can escape a long and unpleasant lecture.

2. You had keep a pocket dictionary with you, so that you may consult it to avoid confusion which you may suffer after hearing strange and unknown words from children – otherwise, you may easily misunderstand their meaning.
3. Make a holistic study on the internet about the topic you intend to speak about with children, so that you are up to date with the latest developments and never try to indulge in reasoning with them on a subject which you do not know about, otherwise you may have to believe that you have been a fool throughout your life.
4. Children do not like discouragement; rather they love to be encouraged. They are not ready to accept themselves in the wrong, so it is advisable to develop durable relationships with them by showering praise on them.

I would like to end by apologizing to the young children, and request them to forgive me if they feel anything I have written is inappropriate.
Thank you!

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