Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Download Videos from Internet without using any Software

There are many programs which allow the internet users download files and videos from You Tube and other websites. Internet Download Manger, Popularly known as IDM, is one of the widely used programs to download videos and other files with speed and excellent resume capability. But all of us know IDM comes with
30 days trial version and after the trial period expires, IDM cannot be reinstalled without installing a fresh copy of windows on your computer. All other applications, being used to download videos and files from internet, either have insufficient functioning or these do not come with resume and restoration capabilities unlike IDM.

Here is an easy way to download videos with Firefox add-one. You need the following things:

  • ·         A latest version of Firefox Browser installed on your PC
  • ·         Internet connection
Open Firefox browser and check whether your internet connection works.
Click on Firefox drop-down menu and select Add-ons.
 Then proceed with the following steps

A new page will open showing options for Add-ons and all available Add-ons for your current browser.

In the search box on the right top of the opened window, type “downloader” and hit enter.

All Add-ons relevant to your search query will appear.

Select “Flash Video Downloader” from the list as shown in the picture.

Then select “Install” or “add to Firefox” or whatever the option is available to add this Add-on to your browser.
You will see that is will be quickly installed. Then restart your browser and the Add-ons will be working.
It is quite easy to download vides with this Add-one. When a webpage contains a video stream, the Add-ons will automatically capture it and the video will be available to be downloaded with single click.

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Use This Method Instead for saving Youtube videos without any download software..

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