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How to Maintain a Good Family Environment

A pleasant family environment is entails healthy and better interaction among the members of a family. A happy family has some specific characteristics like stable flow of communication, dependency and care, trust and physical proximity, deep emotional bonding etc. The relationship between parents and children is of the most significance in context of family atmosphere.
Many a studies has been conducted in order to explore the factors unfavorable to family peace and integrity. One these studies, conducted by Terman, found that
  child’s chances of achieving a happy marriage are much greater if his parents, evidenced on the one hand by the absence of serious conflict between parents and child, and on the other by the child’s sharing of the confidences with his parents.

A good family environment for children is one that provides an emotionally satisfying relationship with parents, based on affection and protection. Under-protection and under-affection lead to feelings of insecurity, which in turn sometimes cause the child to resort to anti-social behavior as a means of compensation. So, the expression of affection and care to the children makes them feel high emotional attachment between them and their parents. This situation builds greater degree in trust and confidence of children in their parents and they freely share their feelings, desires and worries with their parents.
Praise and blame, like affection, are the other factors which may affect family environment. Little parental criticism, absence of nervousness and both parents, frequent confidences between parents and children, some physical expressions of affection, and common family activities are essential components of a good family environment. The frequent criticism and harsh warnings to the children may build and emotional gap between the parents and the children.

Suggestions for the Parents:

  • Listen to your children with attention, showing great interest in their affairs. 
  • Give a considerable time to your children being physically close to them.
  • Let your children express their opinions and desires with full confidence. Never be so harsh to them that they become confused and are unable to express their feelings, desires, problems, opinions due the fear of being scolded. 
  • Give importance to the opinions of your children. If a conflict of opinion exists between you and your children, try to persuade them with soft arguments, presenting them with the real facts that you can see but they cannot.
  • Never raise disputes between you; mother and father, in front of your children. If any conflict is to be occur, resolve it in separation

    Suggestions for Children:

·         Try to find out care and love hidden behind the harshness of your parents in case you show carelessness towards yourself. It is their affection and care which inspire them to forbid you to do some specific activities. It is their high concern for you that they would never let you go out late at night if it is not mandatory

  • Remain quite for a time if your parents are enraged on an issue related to you. Remaining quite will discourage any serious conflict. The parents have a feeling of superiority or of, you can say, guardianship for their children and they think that they have right to control their children. So, let them express their anger. 
  • Try to understand age norms and emotional states of your parents. Sometimes they, inspired by deep parental emotions, may overreact on a trivial thing. You should response in such a way as would not hurt them. 
  • All these suggestions, if followed appropriately would bring about good family environment. On the other hand, the understanding of a particular situation may eliminate the risk of any conflict.

Conflicts are part of group life. We cannot dream of an absolutely conflict free family. We can regard a family with a good family environment if the members of that family are living a more harmonious life; if they have little conflict; if they have greater confidence among them; if the children are happy and parents are satisfied.

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