Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fix the Problem of Browser Showing Security Certificate Error

It happens sometimes that your internet browser show an error saying “security certificate expired” or “ security certificates are not valid or invalid” or “not trusted certificates” or something like that. Sometimes it says that it is not a trusted website. So you are unable to browse the  internet in any browser installed on your computer. This is really surprising and irritating for those who do not know the solution yet.
This type of problem with server security certificates is often due to
incorrect time and date on your system.
If you receive this message from your browser, just see your time and date on your system and set your time and date to today. Check the year and month especially.
This happens usually when your system lose time and date due to any reason or when you install fresh windows and do not set the date and time before browsing the internet.
So, that’s all.

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