Friday, July 19, 2013

University of the Punjab, Lahore- A charming place for scholars

University of the Punjab Lahore is the oldest and largest public sector university in Pakistan. It is the largest university of the Asia by area. It was formally established in 1882 by British colonial authorities. The university has five campuses in the country, the largest of which is Quid-e-Azam Campus Lahore which is spread over
1800 acres of green landscape. This campus, being the most active and central role in academic activities of the university, is the main target of the students from every corner of the country. The other campuses are Allam Iqbal Campus Lahore, Gujranwala Campus, Jhelum Campus and Khanspur Campus. There are 13 faculties in all these campuses, over 63 departments and over 500 affiliated colleges. The university has over 730 permanent faculty members and over 30,000 students enrolled in various disciplines. The university is providing the students from far of places with quality education on affordable fee. The neat and clean carpeted roads with green trees and plants along present a charming sight to the visitors. The university has six play grounds for hostel-lied students. Beside this, every institute has its own play ground for local games and sports competitions. There are cultural days, sports galas, and variety of gatherings like welcome party, farewell party, speech competitions, and debates etc which are tradition of this university. The university has various scholars of international repute as its faculty members. It produced the scholars and the figures of high competence that have famed its name in the world. Cheap and quality accommodations have been provided to the students of far off regions in order to facilitate their stay in Lahore for study. There are 89 houses for the teachers and university officers and 249 houses for junior staff of the university. There are about forty students’ hostels for boys and girls. Most of the hostels are located at Quid-e-Azam Campus. These hostels are surrounded by a canal from one side and by vast green fields and play ground on the other side. There is a great hustle and bustle of both male and female on board students in the play grounds and parks in front of hostels and Students Shopping Center. The students enjoy a delightful walk in the evening in groups and have fun and gupshup. The hostel life brings about many charms and intimacies among the students. This life is really memorable for the students. There is a Students’ Shopping Centre in the mid of the hostel area. This is the only place where students can buy almost every necessity of theirs. This centre has almost 12 shops with two barber shops. The underpass links between academic departments and accommodations are also desirable infrastructure for the students. The students enjoy their walk through these underpasses towards their institutions. There are four overhead bridges over the canal and road passing between the academic departments and hostel area. The main library of the university is located quite in center and near the hostels. The library remains open till evening so that the hotel-lied students may visit it for their educational needs.

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