Friday, July 19, 2013

Shrine (Darbar) Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah, Kasur, Punjab Pakistan

Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah is a well known spiritual Punjabi Poet of the history of Indian subcontinent. He is prevalently known due to his spiritual poetry with deep and universal lessons for the humanity. He belonged to a highly religious and pious family. His father Shah Muhammad Darvesh was
Imam of a Mosque in his village. He used to teach the children of the Muslims and hence was regarded a noble and virtuous man in the area. Although there is no authentic source of what we know about Bulleh Shah these days, the information about his early life comes from legends and argumentation of the historians. It is said that he was born in 1680 in Uch, Punjab Pakistan. His father taught him basic things of Islam and some worldly affairs. He then came to Kasur for higher education and, it is said in various tales, he started write poetry here under the kind custodianship of a religious and famous personality Shah Anayet, who is regarded the formal leader of Bulleh Shah in spiritualism and mysticism. Bullhe Shah wrote many poems in pure humanistic philosophy and collective lessons for all religions and peoples. His poems and known as “Kafis of Baba Bulleh Shah”. Kafi style of poetry was known and used in the local Sufi poets of Punjabi, Sindhi and Saraiki poets. Due to his famous thought provoking poetry, he is regarded a prominent scholar of Punjabi, Arabic and Persian. He believed in humanity and universalism which is a vivid expression of his poetry. He faced much opposition of contemporary Muslim religious leaders due to his unorthodox views in this regards. 
This great Sufi poet and a man of miraculous personality met his real Creator in 1757 in Kasur. His Mausoleum is in the centre of the city Kasur. His shrine presents a beautiful sight to the visitors. Surrounded by the thickly populated area, the tomb has an adjacent beautiful mosque to the East and a graveyard to the South, the tomb is totally designed and constructed with marble and glowing slates of colorful graphite. There is a crowd of Mlungs and devotees on the shrine. They find it a peaceful and sacred place to spend a time in spiritual state. The tomb has vast beautiful lawn and a spacious Veranda with seven open doors. Due to so much chronological associations, the tomb has become a tourist place. The visitors from far off places come here to pay homage to this Sufi Poet. It is located on Railway Road, often known as Bulleh Shah Road. Turn to Shahbaz Khan Road from Main Ferozpur Road, after entering the main city area, Shahbaz Khan Road named then Railway road. The tomb is located on the same road a few meters ahead.

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