Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Way the Men are Attracted to the Women

Have you ever thought about the factor which was mainly responsible for your recent love affair?
A lot of study has been conducted of factors of attraction between opposite sexes. When we see it from a non-scientific angle, a logical and rational angle, we see it more clearly. A study says that men are mostly interested in feeble, emotionally weak women. But it is not wise to believe in any single argument or research conclusion. Let’s see the situation
from various perspectives and a variety of existing perceptions.
The level and intensity of attraction of men to the women is
generally based on the following factors in women’s personality:

  • ·        Physical Beauty

The importance of physical look cannot be neglected in this context. There are many of the men who are more influenced by the color of complexion, body features, lips, eyes, hair, and height etc. The general standards for physical beauty are mutually same among all types of men. The first look imparts the first impression to viewer and it is totally based on physical appearance of the woman which includes dressing, facial beauty, eye-catching facet, slenderness etc. Almost 90 % of the men who rate a woman attractive made this announcement purely based on physical appearance of the woman. The charm of the face and structure is the first thing which matters.
A study says that the men who intentionally keep staring on a woman for a while are actually rating her beautiful. And as they are just enjoying the overt splendor of the woman; physical appearance, especially her glowing complexion, her smile, and perhaps the burnish of her eyes; they are supposed to pay tribute to only the physical prettiness of that woman.  Attention-grabbing hair style cannot be ignored in the context of bodily magnetism. 
Sometimes a particular type of hair and hair style suits best on a particular type of face. So, the women with this type of hair and face combination are the more attractive creature for men. To be brief, I would say that it is the physical beauty which plays the major part for a woman to be rated attractive by men.

  • ·         Social Qualities

As men are attracted to the women with elegant physical features, the second thing which attracts them to women is amiability. The men always want a girl with good conduct and high morale. It is the matter of choice if a man likes less strong woman and another man likes a strong woman. Generally the men are more attracted to the women with pure womanliness; they like their dependency on men, they like their delicateness and softness, they like their flexible nature, they like their minority before them, they like their wisdom and carefulness, they like their reserving attitudes, they like their bashfulness and sometimes boldness. All these features of a woman are the first thing which attracts the men if the woman is not so beautiful in physical context.
Men are more attracted to less talkative women then they do to the talkative women. Men like simple, confident, and open-minded women. If a woman is unattractive in regard with her physical appearance, her social personality and psychological capabilities become the thing of attraction for the men. If a man finds all desired social qualities in a woman with less physical beauty, he may be attracted to that woman regardless her physical unattractiveness. So, the best thing is the personal qualities of a woman which rates it attractive among men.
Another thing which attracts a man is the power to face the various people. A woman can be victim of sexual harassment, physical abuse, and emotional abuse under various circumstances. The common reason behind this vulnerability of the women is their inner sense of timidity and weakness. They find themselves helpless in such circumstances which encourages the harasser. The chances of being a victim of sexual harassment and other type of abuse are directly linked with women’s shyness and nervousness. So, men want women with greater confidence and courage to say no to things. It is a fact that confidence is also based of various other factors like physical beauty, dressing, overt look, education, economic status etc. 
But these are not the things only responsible for building one’s self-confidence. Take your other abilities like wisdom, intelligence, sociability, knowledge, and body language as boosters of your confidence. The women who are able to impress upon men with any of the distinguishing qualities are less likely to become a victim of sexual harassment and emotional abuse.

Men are attracted to the women about whom they are sure that they are always safe at public places, at their offices, in a travel bus etc. The women with sexually explicit dressing are more likely to face sexual harassment. The men are attracted to sexually explicit organs of these women rather than being influenced by the woman herself. So, it is a better practice for women to keep themselves safe by wearing a confident mask and hiding their body features properly.

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