Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Treatment of Love

How can we control the side effects of love? When we take it in the context of widespread conception, we all believe that love is a strong emotional bond between the two opposite
sexes. Love is blind and it is this very blindness of love that its victim cannot see the other things which are more important for his/her life than the ordinary emotions that are ever changing. Love cannot be purchased neither it can be earned. It is blessed to a lucky, or we may say unlucky, individual. Here I would not say something about the successful love. I would focus
on the love that has become a disease; the love that is always teasing; the love that is spoiling the talent, the physique, the life of an individual; and the love that needs to be uprooted from one’s mind and thoughts.

The treatment of love becomes inevitable when it is single sided and seems to remain single sided for the rest of the life. The treatment of love becomes certain when it is to keep you constantly in trouble or emotionally disturbed. The treatment of love becomes crucial when it begins to ruin your life; when it begins to spoil your sociability; and when it starts to dissolve your smile, your naughtiness, and your smartness. And The treatment of love becomes necessary when you yourself want to give it up now and want to get rid of irritating memories. The treatment of love becomes essential when you begin to miss your smile, your naughtiness, and your smartness.

The following activities will help you overcome the irritating memories and the pain of love.

Serve to Your Hobbies

There must be something you are highly interested in. For example, you may love to use internet, you may like to paint faces or landscapes, you may be interested in cooking or whatever you like to do voluntarily. Find more time to engage yourself in such activities as could catch your full attention. If you are a lover of plant, try to engage yourself taking care of your garden or try to visit your neighborhood and explore new plants and grow them in your own yard.
If you are painter or artist, focus on unique and innovative creations. Develop your creative skills in your hobbies. It will not only make you forget your past by involving your attention but it will also benefit you in many other ways. If you play games, try to win a name, though at local level, in those games. Take more responsibilities upon yourself which serve to your interests and thirst.

Plan New Ways

If you are a planner, plan new business for yourself or help your friends plan their business. Make a layout of your new house which is to be built in coming few days or help your friend make a model of his/her new home. If you have more free time, plan a business for that spare time. Carefully plan how to get maximum profit out of little investment. Help your friends who are about to start a new business. Help your friends or relatives choose the
color for their new dress for the coming Eid. If you can, repair the electric wiring of your home yourself. Plan new things and give the most of your imagination to future life. When your imagination is busy in other things, the odd things may not enter into your cognition.

Be among the People

Always try to avoid loneliness. Attend social gatherings whether you don’t want to attend. Visit your best friends and listen what they have new to be shared with you. When you are among the people, you will have to participate in discussions, you will be involved in different discussion topics and you will have to give your input. Human interaction will attract your attention and your cognition will remain busy most of the time. Visit you relatives frequently. Invite your friends and relatives to dinner at your home. Attend and give parties.

I am sure if you follow above said instructions, you will get healthy results. Here is a relevant post which may further help you understand the love and other emotions.

Love Versus Other Emotional States

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