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Love Versus Other Emotional States

Love with opposite sex, especially in young people, is a spicy, interesting, and the favorite topic of discussion. We talk about our love affairs, the positive and negative aspects of this blind feelings, it’s dangerous consequences and it’s pleasant realization. Actually when we argue in favor of love or in opposition to love, our opinion and argumentation are totally based on our own experience with love or on our perceptions built on our being with such people as having specific
experience with love. We often listen a friend praising the feelings of love and the other hating and frightening from its dreadful consequences.

I think there are many other emotional anxieties which may make you forget the charm as well as the pain of love. If love is an intoxication and cannot be given up so easily, there are other intoxication more potent than love itself is. These other intoxication may overcome the hold of love and all its roots and outcomes

I have narrated some activities that can soothe you to some extent in case you are hurt due to your love in my other post titled “The Treatment of Love”. I believe that love, the true love, that is a type of craze and blindness, is really very strong. It penetrates into your soul and never let you out of its hold. It controls and drives your emotions, your desires, and even your senses. It governs your body and soul. It’s its will whether you pay attention to other relations or not. It’s its will that you sleep on what time, eat how much, change your phone number or not, laugh or cry, attend social gatherings or remain in solitude. In fact, the hold of this blind feeling is so strong that one can hardly come out of it, and if one can, one cannot come fully out of it.
Now when we have realized the strength of love; a craze which never let your senses do their work, we come to other things which, I  think, are more strong in nature. These things might not be so important for some individuals as they are for the others. So it’s the matter of importance of these things in one’s life. Let’s take these things one by one.

Economic Concerns:

As economic power is the central factor in one’s life, the importance of money and the concern to earn it by all possible means may be more powerful source of anxiety and worry than love. Actually a jobless guy who has a lot of responsibilities like economic support to family, good life style, study expenditures of his younger siblings etc will give his more time to financial planning the  to love and beloved. A boy, eldest of his siblings, on whom his poor parents have invested their earnings of the life, will have more sense of responsibility. He will always plan to serve to his family in a better way and to change their financial condition to a better one. If he is jobless, he will suffer tension and anxiety and this tension and anxiety would be more powerful than the charm or fretfulness of love. He will be in an economic race. He will be planning how to get more profit out of a small investment. He will have no time to pay attention to his love.

Moreover, love requires material well being from the partners if they are to be married. The parents of both parties would never agree to establish a new relationship between them just on emotional grounds. So the economic concerns would count more than emotions. That’s how the economic concerns have more power than love has.

Prestigious Status:

If a boy or girl who has got a position higher than the position he/she was in when he/she started his/her love affair, he/she may turn to think his/her love experience a mistake of raw age. He/she may think it an emotional slip or something like that. A new high prestigious position in a society, whether it’s a high rank on job or a high position in political sense, changes the self concept of an individual. This new self concept will surely influence his/her love. The intoxication of respect by others and obedience of others to you, when we see in the context of human nature,  is much more potent then the feelings of love. The addiction of respect and submission is preferable to love which gives more tension and worries than it gives serenity and relief.

I would end here by saying that the above said factors are also the common reasons for break ups in most of love affairs. When these factors get hold on the emotions that are responsible for the flow of love, then the chances of break up are higher.
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