Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Fix USB or Memory Card Showing Shortcuts

Your USB or other memory drive like memory card sometimes shows shortcuts when connected to a
computer. Your all files in that drives are shown as only shortcuts and you get worried about your precious data on your flash drive. It is disgusting to have such irritating problems in transferring data through USB.
Never mind, the data remains there in your flash memory drive but it is hidden due to auto generated attributions to those files and folders. It is mostly caused by virus infected computers
which have such executable files that create shortcuts in the USB while applying special attributes to the files and folders in it and as a result the original files and folders instantly disappear and only shortcuts are visible.

Don’t worry; here is the reliable solution to this problem.

When you connect your USB to a virus infected computer that creates shortcuts, shortcuts are created and if you apply this solution on the same computer, it may not really benefit you. Just remove your USB from that computer and connect to other one. Then apply this method and you will be happy again.


Open notepad of your computer and write the following code into it:

@echo off
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:\*.*

Note: The letter “G” in the code above is the drive letter of your USB. You can replace “G” with your original drive letter of your USB on your computer. For Example if your drive letter is “I” then your code will be

@echo off
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d I:\*.*

Save this file as batch file as shown in the pictures below

Give it name whatever you want like “Shortcut solver” etc and put “.bat” at the end of the name and click save as shown in the picture below

It is now your shortcut solver software. Just connect your infected flash drive/USB with your computer. And click on this saved batch file. Now open your USB, How is that?

Your original files and folders are back. Just delete the shortcuts. That’s all.

Note: It happens sometimes that whenever you connect another USB/flash drive, the drive letter is changed for that removable drive. Don’t worry. Just right click on your saved batch file, select edit and change the drive letter and save the file.
It will now work for that drive letter.

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