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Flood Havocs in Satluj River Kasur and Provision of Protective and Rehabilitative Services- Analysis Report

It was 20th of August 2013, a cloudy day. We reached at Talwaar Post, a rangers post situated at Pak-Indo border right on the bank of Satluj River, 18 Km towards the South-East of Kasur city. It was 10 AM. We put medicine boxes on the table under the camp. Sir Waqas Abid, CEO Good Thinkers Organization for Human Development Kasur advised gave some necessary instructions to the doctor and he was ready to treat the flood affected people living in tents on that huge bund. District government had been very active since the flood came, almost 15 days ago. It had tented at a safe place for flood affected people. District health department provided
free medication facility to the people right at Talwaar Post on a high bund.
The Satluj River was in lower flood since before 10th of August 2013 and there was nothing of great concern. The local population was not scared of such minor flow of water. Everything was under control and the government was watching the situation with pretty satisfaction. Then came more water from India into Satluj and the level of water grew up. The water overflowed the river and entered into standing crops and in some nearby villages and hamlets. It was now a threat to the people residing and farming near the river. The people, anyhow, were still waiting for the level of water to get low. Some of them were thinking about migrating to nearby safe places. This flood was still of low level. The water flowed over some roads and paths which broke the land connection of various villages. I visited flood affected area in those days. We were four people; Mr. Waqas Abid, Sarfraz Ahmad, and Ateeq Ahmad were also with me. We have to leave our car one kilometer away from Bhikhi Wind and we walked through the flood water to the village. The situation could tell us the loss which people had suffered and the havoc which was to come later.

Now, one could see the camping of Rescue 1122 on Talwaar Post, on a safe and high place. Rescue team was providing the flood affected people with rescue services, medication, transportation to safe places, and shelter. I was overjoyed to see the spirit and efficiency of Rescue 1122 and I felt proud on those young men wearing greenish black uniforms. Their vans and ambulances were ready to take any challenge and they were performing a real task. Doctor Ehtasham, District Rescue Officer, told us the situation about flood and the havocs it had played with the people.

Later, in another announcement from India, one hundred thousand cusecs water was to be released into Pakistani land on 19th of August 2013. The so huge quantity of water released from Feroz Pur Headworks, became a source of immediate action by various government departments and NGOs. We were already planning various medical camps at various locations where more affected and more people could be reached for free treatment. We, in collaboration with district social welfare department, arranged an instant medical facility for flood affected people. We were on our way to Talwaar Post, with a doctor from BIT hospital and all necessary medicines, medical instruments and other equipment.
According to rescue department, total 31 villages are fully affected by this flood. 783 families are affected and overall 18982 acre area has become under water. Similarly 34 government buildings like schools, dispensaries, B.H.Us etc have been reduced to rubble. Estimation says that more than 15,000 individuals have been affected; they have to leave their homes, they have got their crops smashed up, their land link with other villages broke down

If we talk about every effected village separately, the most affected villages include Kalanjar, Kamal Pura, Sehjra, Maste Ke, Chanda Singh Wala, Mahi Wala, Fatoohi Wala, Bhikhi Wind, Dhoop Sari, Wallay Wala, Thathi Usman Wala, Thathi Farid, Haku Wala, Mande Ke, Bangladesh, Attar Singh Wala, Sheikh Saad Kalu Wala, Rangay Wala, and Kasso Ki. These villages have been totally disconnected from their surrounding areas. Rescue teams have been very active in saving the flood stricken people. According to rescue records, more than 1700 people have been saved by rescue team

125 families and 573 acre land have been affected in Kalanjar, 100 families and 493 acre land have been affected in Kamal Pura, 100 families and 2850 acres land have been affected in Sehjra, 70 families and 1376 acres land have been affected in Maste Ke, 75
families and 1355 acres of land have been affected in Chanda Singh Wala, 70 families and 381 acres of land have been affected in Mahi Wala, 40 families and 254 acres of land have been affected in Fatoohi Wala, 75 families and 400 acres of land have been affected in Bhikhi Wind, 63 families and 430 acres of land have been affected in Haku Wala, 34 families and 678 acres of land have been affected in Rangay Wala, 40 families and 342 acres of land have been affected in Thathi Farid. These figures are yet not authenticated; the affected people and area may be much more then these figures. There are some areas where rescue teams could not reach yet.
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