Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Facts About Busco Bus Service Punjab

Busco Bus Service has recently been introduced by the government of Punjab, Pakistan. It is really a nice transport mode and is considered a revolutionary step in the field of transportation in Punjab. Many people travel daily through this service. The people of all classes and social statuses travel through this service as it is quick, efficient, comfortable and cheaper as well. The government has greatly
profited from this business as one bus earns thousands of rupees daily. Being popular traveling service, Busco has become dear to every traveler who want to reach hi destination with speed and ease.

One bus, on average, gathers 25000 rupees cash every day. 12 buses are running on Kasur- Lahore route which collect 300000 rupees daily. Similarly 6 buses run between Chunian and Kasur which means 150000 rupees cash comes from this rout. Same situation is on other routes like Lahore- Sheikhupura, Lahore- Okara etc. So, hundreds thousand rupees are added to government treasures daily. 150 Buses are running in total. So, you can calculate the amount earned on daily basis. This is how this schemed has itself proved its validity and scope.

The service is quick and easily available. On a smooth road with no stop nearby, Busco should speed upto 100 KMs per hour. That's why people prefer to travel through Busco rather being annoyed at lazy local buses. The other good thing with Busco Bus Service is its continuous service throughout the day. Bus departs after every 15 minutes and you don't have to wait for a long time for the bus to start its journey.

As it is the favourite service of almost all the people, there is often great rush of passengers in every bus. Many a bad minded people don't buy tickets and steal government capital. Good looking and even mature people also try to escape from the eyes of ticket man and show shameful attitude. For such cases, there should be hard penalty which should not be compromised on at any cost.

Busco provides commission to the drivers and their assistants on collected cash on daily basis so that they may work with honesty and for efficiency.  20% of total collected cash is given to driver and his assistant as commission. Hence they try to collect more and more cash in order to get more commission. If a bus collects 25000 cash daily then driver and his assistant will get 500 rupees each daily. The salary of a driver is almost 12000 but he earns 25000-30000 every month.

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