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Baba Waris Shah (R.A)- a great punjabi peot and Shakespeare of Punjabi literature

Hazrat Baba Waris Shah (R.A), as the exact date is not known, is believed to be born in 1722 at Jandiala Sher Khan, a small town of Punjab near Sheikhu Pura, Pakistan. A little is known about the personal life of this great Punjabi poet. His parents died in his early childhood. He lived in Kasur, a small town in Punjab situated 56 KMs to the North of Lahore, Pakistan, getting spiritual knowledge from his favorite teacher Makhdoom Baba, a famous spiritual personality in Kasur at that time. At the age of 27, on the recommendation of his
that very spiritual teacher, Waris Shah (R.A) moved to Malka Hans, a village 10 KMs to the north of Pakpattan city in order to complete his book “Heer Waris Shah”.

This is the place where Wais Shah (R.A) wrote his masterpiece “Heer Waris Shah”. This book is actually a folk tale of Punjabi culture. Warish Shah (R.A) got fame due to this marvelous book. He not only narrated a love story in an exciting  way but he also gave many universal advices to human being through that story. This book was soon be sung by various famous singers of that time. The people loved this book so much that it became dear to every Punjabi and it is still sung and listened with same interest and attention. Not any book in the world can be compared with Heer Waris Shah in regard of moral lessons and the art of saying poetic verses.

It is due to this very book of his that he is called Shakespeare of the Punjabi language. He was a not only a great poet; he was a Sufi, he was a highly learned man, he was a great knower of Punjabi culture, he was a an poet artist. He narrated various aspects and elements of Punjabi culture in his book. His contribution to Punjabi literature will be remembered forever. Moreover many the verses of his book are widely used in a moral context.

During his stay at Malka Hans, he wrote “Heer Waris Shah” staying at the village mosque. This mosque is now known as Waris Shah Mosque. He fell in love with a girl named Bhag Bhari during his stay at that village. He had to suffer a lot due to his own love affair. His love was true and he succeeded in all the turmoil and tests. Due to hand on experience of love, his “Heer” got many more deep thoughts and pain. He left the Malka Hans with a heavy heart as he had loved every thing of the village, especially Bhag Bhari, who was forcibly married to another boy of a well of family of the village. The pain that Waris suffered from due to his own deep love with Bhag Bhari is also found in his poetry. He died in 1798 in the surroundings of Malka Hans. He is lying buried in Jandiala Sher Khan, his hometown.

Many a visitor come Jandiala to pay homage to pay homage to this great Punjabi poet. His tomb is place of attraction for the tourists. There is always rush of people on this beautiful tomb.

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