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Social Media Friendship and its Impact on Human Behavior

Social media and internet social networking are the topics receiving a larger proportion of our concerns and energies. Social media has become an inevitable source of our social networking. It is a burning issue whether social media is doing to the benefit or to the loss of people especially our young generation. Social networking has changed the way we take our friendships and relations. What is the status of the influence of social networks and social media friendships is a matter of controversial

Social media refers to the usage of internet as a source of social activities like meeting people; talking to the people, organize group discussions, developing social relations etc. Some popular social medial websites are Facebook, Goole+, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Yahoo, Flicker, My Spaces etc. These websites allow the people of the world to connect to on another; to share their ideas publically, collect their desired information and comments, expand their intimacies and audience for their voice, and express their feelings and ideas to their desired audience. Social media is getting more importance day by day. It has become a main source of human E-interaction (Electronic Interaction), as a social scientist I would call it.

What social media has really done with the social life of the people is yet to be explored seriously. The consistent observation of social media services by many of the social analysts and thinkers and the attitude and tendency of users has given climb to an unending discussion on this topic.

Some thinkers and analysts regard it an optimistic way to get in touch with your friends, families, latest information, news, living styles, and a lot of such informative and beneficial updates. They support the idea that social media is playing its positive role in developing social ties between the people of different schools of thoughts and in bringing them close to each other to learn about their lifestyle and culture. They are of the view that social media networks are a place of information, knowledge and innovative ideas.

The supporter of social media says that it has provided a platform for a vast scale of interaction to every individual of the world. People from far off places can communicate to one another conveniently, cheaply, and frankly. It has broadened the vision of the people and has provided them with a variety of choices like privacy protection, sharing of personal identity etc in regard with social media friendship.

The favorers of social media friendship argue that friendship on social media supplies us such an environment which allows us to share and express our ideas, thoughts, creations, and opinions with a wide range of people and audience. It also serves as a source of business marketing, political preaching, and social services marketing.

As it provides us with numerous benefits, social media has also received a lot of criticism of those who find many flaws and deficiencies in it. They acknowledge the importance of social media the revolution that it has brought in the lives of people but at the same time they criticize its policies and deceptive membership rules and principles.

There are no hard and fast rules for sign up at social media network. For example you just need to provide your name and email address for sign up with Facebook. It shows that anyone with fake identity can sign up and do what he wants; he/ she may influence his/her target audience in an improper way. He/she may use social media network for indecent, illegal, and inhuman activities or purpose. The privacy of people using social media is always in threat.

There is uncontrolled number of members and the number is increasing day by day. The moderators have no rules to verify new members and to control what is happening on these networks. Prohibited content is being published and shared on these networks which are spoiling the character of our young generation. There are such applications and plug-ins as are influencing the mind set of younger generation.

The other reason the opponents of social media networking give is that one can get burned out on friends, become tired of updates of every moment of their life, and can fail to get face-to-face interaction which is required to keep a friendship strong.

Some social networks like Twitter and Facebook provide us with too many updates. It is possible that you get confused upon overloaded information that your too many friends give you on social networks. Sometimes, when you are bushed of frequently hearing what your friend is doing, how his/her life is going, what activity is being carried out, what he/she is interesting in, and how he/she spent his/her last weekend etc, although you are not interested in such updates, it can turn you off the idea of hanging out with her/him more frequently. 

Moreover the too much application requests like game requests, page like requests, try it out requests etc are boring things on social networks. The slight hint of irritation you feel at deleting several requests from a friend can progress into irritation at your friend for any communication they send. You might not mean to get annoyed with your friend, but it will happen naturally.

The real and natural friendship turns into social network time pass making the people spiritually far from one another. Everyone try to see the things which interest him/her. The social networks and the friendships made on these networks are mere a source of time and resources wastage as the people just user these networks for entertainment. But as they do this, they spend a lot of their time on these networks. So, the students are affected a lot.

Now after analyzing the facts about negative and positive aspects of social media, we come back to what it has really done to the social life of the people.

Social media has made the people socially critical and bold. It has given us a sense of familiarity with the world. We spend our more time on internet and miss our evening walk and neighborhood visits. We are absorbed in our Facebook friends chat and miss the company of those who cannot use Facebook and even sometimes we miss our classes. We pay less attention to our real relations and try to get more “likes” and comments on our social media posts. We now have superficial approach towards the importance of the things and phenomena. We waste out time on useless discussions jus to influence the people on social media. We take no time for real friendships; we have intermingled it with the social media friendship. Social media friendship has made us less creative and less innovative; we just keep on sharing readymade concepts and things; we do not dare to create our own.

Here I Conclude
Social networks and social media friendships are beneficial for the people in term of knowledge, information, ideas and opinion sharing. The serious, mature, and experienced people can benefit from these networks and get a lot out of their being there on these networks. Social networks are now the need of every professional and E-commerce business holder. Social networks can be regarded a blessing for those who know how to use them in a healthy, fruitful, and legally acceptable way. They can do just to the presence of such networks. The inexperienced and new generation, who are neither professional nor they are mature, can misuse these networks and thus can exploit others and can be exploited in many ways in return. The only they need is to get entertained and keep in touch with their known friends. And they can do that through other means like T.V, and mobile phone etc. So, it is only the way we use these social networks which makes it good or bad for us.

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