Monday, August 5, 2013

How you should Spend your this Eid

Eid is religious event of the Muslims. It is a day of celebration for us. It has great significance in the history of Islam. As Muslims, we celebrate two Eids in a year i.e. Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Azha

The Coming Eid-ul-Fitar may be celebrated on 9th or 10th of august 2013. The preparations for Eid celebrations have been already started. The Bazaars and shopping markets have become overcrowded with the people buying dress, shoes, cosmetics and grocery for Eid.  There is great hustle and bustle in markets and bazaars. Shopping places presents colorful sight to the visitors

Everyone wants to celebrate this Eid in a special way. There are so many desires and planning for this coming great event. The true spirit of this religious celebration is to thank Allah for his blessings and benevolence upon us and to cheer the depressed faces. This Eid gives us a message to spread gladness in all around involving those who are poor and cannot afford pleasure in their life in our delights and enjoyment. This event demands us to give out our true sentiments and passion to those who really deserve it and to those who really need it.

Let’s plan our day for the maximum pleasure of grieved and miserable people. We are very lucky indeed that we are around with our beloved ones. We are lucky to have all our relations with us. Let’s be a relation for those who have no one to care for, no one to console, no one to adorn them, no one to wipe their tears, no one to make them smile, no one  to keep them warm, no one to inspire them. Think about those who are away from their homes, from their country. Who are on borders for our protection, for peace, who are our proud. Let’s preach this message to our circles. Let’s plan this Eid in a special way.

Pray for those who are in hardships, who have become homeless due to recent rains and flood. Pray for those who really need our prayers. Pray to Allah so that this Eid brings more peace in Pakistan.
Thanks to all…….

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